We would like to tell you that’s Mom by the door and her sisters helping move the first boat back in the company's early years. It makes for a great story but simply not true! It is a wonderful picture and a nostalgic look back at how they used to do it in the old days.

Dear Fellow Boaters,

My husband and I have both been pleasure boaters since before the word fiberglass was in the dictionary! Later on in life our mutual love for boating and the water made it easy to choose the marine industry as our permanent home. We have sold, serviced and now transport boats all over the country. We reside on the beautiful Grand Lake of The Cherokees, strategically located in northeast Oklahoma, in America’s heartland. Our company’s values are like an old wooden Chris Craft, classic and timeless. We believe that the quality of our work and our commitment to excellent service is what makes us stand out in our industry. We aren’t truck drivers or boat haulers, we are marine transportation specialists. Give us a call and let us explain the difference. See you on the Water!


Mary Ann Allred
President – S & K Yacht Services

“Different Philosophies: Knot … Not” by R. C. Fulwiler

We believe this is one picture that truly says it all. It only takes a minute longer to do it right!