What about Insurance???

“Cargo Insurance” is what protects your vessel while in our care and custody. We carry a half million dollars worth of cargo insurance on every boat we move. If your individual boat or yacht is worth more than this we put a rider on our base policy for the additional amount specified by you or your lender. There are no tricks or games when it comes to this very critical portion of our service. Our insurance agent (not us) mails a copy of our certificate listing you as the additional insured directly to you, your lender or insurance agent.

What do I have to do to get the boat ready to move???

We are always amused by trucking companies web sites and contracts that give you a twenty item check list of everything they want you to do so they can move your boat. What do they expect you to know about removing electronics, stowing gear and packing away cabin contents?

WE: remove all applicable electronics from the arch or hard top of every boat we transport; we remove all canvas, carpet and loose cushions; stow and pack all loose boat gear and accessories; secure the cabin and contents for tranportation. WE then reassemble all of the above upon arrival at your destination point.

Our philosophy has always been why should you pay a marina employee $100 per hour to disconnect, remove, or damage your expensive electronics and then one thousand miles away pay another marina employee $100 per hour to try and figure out how your equipment goes back together?

What will it Cost to move my boat???

That depends. In case you haven’t noticed, there is no place on this web site to click on for a quote. The reason is simple. Every boat is different, every state you cross has different over size regulations, routing restrictions and escort vehicle requirements. Every boat has different decommissioning and commissioning requirements. We are a “custom” marine transportation company with over thirty-five years of marine industry experience. We offer a “turn key” service for our customers. You simply pay for the travel lifts on each end and we take care of everything in between.

Maybe your question should be; what will it cost me if someone else moves my boat???
Do they have enough cargo insurance? What will the additional charges be to have my boat prepped for them? What will it cost me in missed time from my job or business making sure that everything is done on their checklist: We mentioned earlier our companies values are classic and timeless. One of our favorite classic sayings has always been: